About us
Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda, Germany

Our bagpipe-making studio was established in Erding (in Greater Munich area, Germany) in 2008.

In addition to "famous" bagpipes (e.g., Hümmelchen, Scottish Small Pipes and etc.), I also make some rare bagpipes. Regardless of the types of bagpipes, all of my bagpipes are made according to my own plan and design.

Making bagpipes accoding to customer's individual request is one of the most enjoyable part of my job. This makes the instrument unique, and the customer can enjoy his/her "only one" bagpipe in the world. In most case such customization can be done without big additional costs. Sometimes customers have very briliant ideas, which give me good hints for product develpment. Therefore, if you have any idea in your order, please do not hesitate!

 February 2012, T. Sonoda