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"Bock" pipes ("Dudy" in Czech) are traditional bagpipes of Czech, Southern Germany and Austria, having a single reed in the chanter. Nowadays majority of Bock pipes are bellows-blown. Because of its comfortably mild sound, these bagpipes are often played in Ensemble, for example with violin, clarinet and etc.

We offer several types of Bock, including:

Böhmischer Bock (Bohemian Bock)/ The drone pipe is on the shoulder and bent downward.

Egerländer Bock/ The drone pipe is hanging under the bag.

F (common tonality in Germany and Austria)
Eb (common tonality in Czech Republic)
D, G, High Bb

Closed fingering

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Böhmischer Bock in F
Böhmischer Bock in Es
Kleiner Bock in G (in Ensemble)

Böhmischer Bock standard model with Pyrography on the bellows

Egerländer Bock simple model - mouth blown type

2-drone model in D, with keys, dual-blown system

Kleiner Bock 2-drone model in G, with keys
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