Bocks - Bohemian Bock, Egerländer Bock, Bohemian Small Pipes, Kid's Bock
by Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda, Germany..... Instructor of "Bohemian Bock Making Course" in Waldmünchen since 2008
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Bohemian Bock & Egerländer Bock / Dudy

Bohemian Bock and Egerländer Bock (both instruments are called "Dudy" in Czech) are traditional bagpipes of Czech (mainly South Bohemia), Germany (mainly Bayern) and Austria (mainly Oberösterreich and Niederösterreich). These bagpipes are almost same instruments and their only material difference is the position and shape of drone. The drone of Bohemian Bock is bent in L-shape and it is put on the shoulder. Egerländer Bock has a straight drone hanging under the bag. Both instruments can be played with identical fingering (closed fingering). Both instruments have bells made of cow horn and brass for chanter and drone.

Bellows-blown type is common, whereby the player can sing a song with playing pipes. The other distinctive feature of these bagpipes is the position of key-note. The key-note is allocated to the hole for the middle finger of the lower positioned hand.  FIngering is closed, and therefore staccato is possible. Because of its comfortably mild sound, these bagpipes are often played in Ensemble, for example with violin and clarinet.

Bohemian Bock Bohemian Bock with simple leather bag Bohemian Bock bellows
(with optional decoration)

Alternative Bocks (Bohemian Small Pipes & Kid's Bock)

Bohemian Small Pipe is a small and mouth blown version of Bock/Dudy. It can be played with the identical fingering as Bohemian Bock and Egerländer Bock and sounds quieter than Bohemian/Egerländer Bock. Ideal for playing inside (solo or with in a small ensemble).(Sound Sample).
Kid's Bock is a small mouth-blown Bock for little musicians! Also ideal for adults, who likes mild sound bagpipes.

Bohemian Small Pipes (Kleiner Bock) Kid's Bock