Dudey  Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany

Dudey is a small instrument, especially famous from the sketch in Michael Praetorius' Syntagma Musicum, having 3 drone pipes. Nowadays there are several models of Dudey in different structures.

Our Dudey has a single reed chanter based on "Eastern European bagpipe style", like as Dudy/Bock, Säckpipa or Torupil.
(We also make a "double reed Dudey", which we offer in the name of "3 drone Hümmelchen"....for more details, please see the page of Hümmelchen).

Praetorius Reconstruction model, which is made strictly according to the shape, size and tonality (Eb) indicated in Syntagma Musicum, is also available upon request.

Available tonalities
D, Eb
(A=440Hz or A=415 Hz)

Closed fingering or half-closed fingering.

Wood materials
- Checker Tree (standard)
- Apple (Standard)
- Maple Non-stained (Standard)
- Maple Stained (Optional)
- Plum (Optional)
- Olive (Optional)
- African Blakwood (Optional)
(For another wood type please contact us.)

- Bellows-blown type
- Extension keys
- Mounts (hard wood or fake ivory)
- Metal rings (brass of German silver)
- Synthetic bag
- Other decorative items (fringe, pom-pom., and etc.)
Sound Samples
D Set with half-note & Extension keys
The same D Set (playing a Scottish tune)

 Price List

D Set with keys for half notes and high E (plum)

Custom made bellows-blown model with drone pitch altering switch (plum)

Praetorius reconstruction model and original sketch in Syntagma Musicum
and the chanter with the Praetorius' original size

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