Gaita Galega
Gaita pequeña (Smallpipes for Gaiteiros/as)
Gaita practice chanter

 Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany
<Gaita Galega>
Our model are made of Olive wood, African Blackwood, or Boxwood. All modells are decorated with bag cover, fringe and pom-pom.

<Gaita pequeña>
Gaita pequeña is a smallpipes set for gaita galega players. Like Scottish Smallpipes, the chanter is cylindrically bored and the sound is milder and quieter than Gaita Galega. Ideal for practicing at home, as well as for indoor sessions. The Fingering is same as Gaita Galega. Due to the straight bored chanter structure, the tone range is one octave (in case of C-Set, from bottom B to high C), provided that extension keys for higher notes can be added.

<Gaita practice chanter>
Hand-made practice chanter for the practice of gaita fingering, made of African Blackwood with German silver ring and imitation ivory mount.

Available tonalities
Gaita Galega: A, Bb, C, D
Gaita pequeña: A, Bb, C, D

Wood materials

For Gaita Galega and Gaita pequeña:
- Olive
- African Blakwood
- Boxwood
(For another wood type please contact us.)

For Gaita practice chanter:
- African Blakwood

For Gaita Galega and Gaita pequeña:
- Bellows-blown type
- Synthetic bag
Sound Samples
Gaita pequeña
Gaita practice chanter

 Price List

Gaita Galega Arfican Blackwood model - 2 drone type

Gaita Galega Arfican Blackwood model - Highland Pipes style 3 drone type

Gaita Galega Olive wood model - 1 drone type

Gaita pequeña African Blackwood model with extension key

Gaita practice chanter

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