Gaita Pequeña (Gaita Smallpipes)
 Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
since 2008
Gaita pequeña is a smallpipes set for gaita galega players. Like Scottish Smallpipes, the chanter is cylindrically bored and the sound is milder and quieter than Gaita Galega. Ideal for practicing at home, as well as for indoor sessions. The Fingering is almost same as Gaita Galega. Due to the straight bored chanter structure, the tone range is one octave (in case of C-Set, from bottom B to high C), provided that extension keys for higher notes can be added.

A, Bb, C, D, F

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Gaita pequeña

Olive, 2 drone model in D

Blackwood, 2 drone model in D with extension key

Plumwood 2 drone model in D, bellows-blown
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