Gaita Galega
by Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda, Germany
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Gaita Galega is a traditional bagpipe in Galicia, Spain. Its chanter has 1.5 octave tone range. Traditional Gaita has one drone (bass, so called "Ronco") but modern instruments often have 2 or even 3 drones. There are hundreds of lovely traditional and popular tunes for Gaita. Furthermore, tunes of other celtic regions (e.g. Ireland) are often played with Gaita nowadays. Most popular tonaliy is C, but instruments in D and Bb are common, too.

Gaita Galega 2-drone type
(With Ronco & Ronqueta)
Gaita Galega 3-drone type
(With Ronco, Ronqueta & Chillon)
Gaita Galega Punteiro
(made of Olive wood)