Hümmelchen  Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany

Hümmelchen (German small pipes) is an instrument from the renaissance age, and nowadays it is one of the most loved bagpipes in German speaking countries. It can be easily blown and sounds comfortably mild.

Hümmelchen is a quite flexible and practical instrument, suitable for varieties of tunes, from ancient music to traditional folk, for solo performance or in Ensemble.

Available tonalities
Low F, G, A, Bb, C, D, High F
(A=440Hz or A=415 Hz)

Open fingering (like a recorder, German or baroque)
Another fingering, e.g, half closed or Scottish fingering, can be made upon request.

Multi-tunable drone
Our standard models have tuning holes on drone pipes, which makes drone pipes multi-tunable*
(for example, in case of Standard C-Set, as below):

Bass: C/D
Baritone: F/G/A
Tenor: C/D/E

(Tuning holes)

(*Note: Because the chanter is tuned in "just intonation" in a key note, slight buzzing in the chanter-drone harmony may happen at the combination in case of drone setting in a note other than the chanter's key (e.g., A-D harmoniy in case of playing d-minor tunes with C chanter accompanied by D-Drone.). This is caused by the "nature law" and needs to be compromised.).

Wood materials
- Checker Tree (standard)
- Apple (Standard)
- Maple Non-stained (Standard)
- Maple Stained (Optional)
- Plum (Optional)
- Olive (Optional)
- African Blakwood (Optional)
(For another wood type please contact us.)

- Bellows-blown type
- Medieval style wide bells
- Mounts (hard wood or fake ivory)
- Metal rings (brass of German silver)
- Bag cover
- Synthetic bag
- Other decorative items (fringe, pom-pom., and etc.)

Sound Samples
Soprano in C
Soprano tuned in d-minor
Sopranino in high-F
Alto in low-F (with extension key for high-A)
Double Chanter in C
 Price List

Standard model - 1 drone type

Bellows-blown model - 2 drone type

Medieval style model - 3 drone type

African Blackwood model - 4 drone type

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