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since 2008

Hümmelchen (German smallpipes) is an instrument from the renaissance age, and nowadays one of the most loved bagpipes in German speaking countries. It can be easily blown and sounds comfortably mild. Cross fingering works for important half notes (full chromatic chanter is available, too). Suitable for wide repertoiries, from ancient music to traditional folk, for solo piping or in ensemble.

Soprano: F/C or g/d-minor, Eb/Bb or g/c-minor
Sopranino: Bb/F or c/g-moll
Alto: Bb/F or c/g-minor, C/G or d/a-minor
(A=440Hz or A=415 Hz)

*Note: Unless otherwise requested by the customer, the chanter will be tuned in "just intonation" for the selected tonality.

Open fingering (like a recorder, German or baroque)
Another fingering, e.g, half closed or Scottish fingering, can be made upon request.

<Multi-tuneable drone>
Tuning holes with rotating switch are equipped on drone pipes, with which the pitch of drone pipes can be selected. For example, drone pipes of Soprano F/C or g/d-minor set can be multi-tuneable, as below):

Bass: C/D
Baritone: F/G/A
Tenor: C/D/E

(Tuning holes)

<More photos of Hümmlelchen>

<Sound sample>
Soprano in C
Soprano in d-minor
Sopranino in high-F
Alto in low-F (with an extension key for high-A)

Standard model - 1 drone type

Bellows-blown model - 2 drone type

Medieval style model - 3 drone type


Soprano Hümmelchen A=440 & 415 Hz Set

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