Smallpipes in minor scale for German style medieval piping
 Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
since 2008
Hümmelchen (German smallpipes) in minor scale for Marktsack/German big medieval bagpipes players, developed in 2018 through close collaboration with a professional Marktsack player/instructor Brian Haase (Dresden, Germany). Optimal for indoor performance/practice of Marktsack tunes (e.g., for church concert with acoustic ensemble).. The chanter is tuned in a-minor, just intonation, with possibility of several halfnotes with cross fingering. Full chromatic chanter is also available upon request.

(another tonalities upon request)


open fingering (common Marktsack-fingering)

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a-minor set

Plum, 3-drone model

plum, 3-drone model with high B (H) extension key (plum)

Olive, 4-drone model with 2nd chanter in F

Checker tree wood, 3-drone model with high B(H) key

Blackwood, 2-drone model with "Bock" chanter stock and high B extension key
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Erdinger Land, Bayern