Pibgorn and Welsh Bagpipes Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
since 2008

Pibgorn is a traditional horn pipe in Wales (with a single reed). It can be used as the chanter of bagpipes - "Welsh Bagpipes".

For Welsh Bagpipes in D, E-Drone attachment is available (lower part of the drone fore replacement - with extra reed), so that you can enjoy playing e-minor tunes wuth E-Drone.

D: chromatic,or Mixolydian/D-Major
High G: Mixolydian/G-Major
Low A: Mixolydian

Open fingering. (Scottish half-closed fingering upon requet)

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Pibgorn sets
from left to right: High G, Chromatic D, Low A sets

Pibgorn chromatic D sets

Welsh Bagpipes, chromatic in D

Welsh Bagpipes, chromatic in D, with E-Drone attachment
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