Scottish Smallpipes
Scottish Minstrel Pipes
 Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany
With the originally designed large chanter reed our Scottish Smallpipes assure powerful sound. Suitable for the performance at pub-sessions.

Scottish Minstrel Pipes are low-cost models of Scottish Smallpipes, made of European wood. Designed with the taste of historical bagpipes.

Available tonalities
A, Bb, C, D

Wood materials
Scottish Smallpipes
- African Blakwood
- Plum
- Olive
- Boxwood

Scottish Minstrel Pipes
- Checker Tree
- Apple
- Plum
- Olive
- Boxwood

- Medieval style wide bells (for Scottish Minstrel Pipes)
- Synthetic bag
Sound Samples
Scottisch Smallpipes in A
Scottish Minstrel Pipes in D

 Price List

Scottish Smallpipes in A, African Blackwood

Scottish Smallpipes in A Mouth-blown type, African Blackwood

Scottish Smallpipes in A, Plum

Scottish Minstrel Pipes in D, Olive wood

Medieval style wide bell option for Scottish Minstrel Pipes

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