Schäferpfeife  Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany
Schäferpfeife is a German bagpipe having a conical chanter. Because of its similarity of the chanter to French bagpipe "Cornemuse", Schäferpfeife is widely used also forFrench folk & dance music.

Available tonalities
G, C

Half-closed fingering

Wood materials
- Checker Tree (standard)
- Apple (Standard)
- Maple Non-stained (Standard)
- Maple Stained (Optional)
- Plum (Optional)
- Olive (Optional)
- African Blakwood (Optional)
(For another wood type please contact us.)

- Bellows-blown type
- Medieval style wide bells
- Mounts (hard wood or fake ivory)
- Metal rings (brass of German silver)
- Bag cover
- Synthetic bag
- Other decorative items (fringe, pom-pom., and etc.)
Sound Samples
Blackwood model in G
 Price List

African Blackwood model G set (Drone G + G)

Maple (stained) model G set (Drone G/A + D/E)

Medieval style model G Set (Drone G + D)
with synthetic bag

Medieval style model C Set (Drone C + G)
with synthetic bag

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