Repair & services

 Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Dudelsackbau T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany
since / seit 2008
<Repaire & maintenance service>
- Overhaul and tune up
- Bag sealing / Bag replacement
- Valve replacement
- Bellows repair
- Crack repair / parts replacement
- Inside bore cleaning

<.....and more>
- Reed making
- Chanter making
- Conversion mouth-blown <--> bellows-blown
- Rental bagpipes (please ask about the available instruments)
- Bagpipes in a historical painting design
- Vegetarian/Vegan bagpipes

Overhaul of a vintage Dudy in Eb (made in 1936 in Bohemia).
- Chanter: replaced with the new chanter and reed
- Bellows:leather and valve replaced
- Bag: replaced with new leather bag
- Stocks: seald by filling and in-lay

New leather bag for a Zampogna

Bellows-blown conversion set for an Egerländer Bock

Replacement of drone-horn of an Egerländer Bock

Hümmelchen with a synthetic bag and bag cover
for a vegetarian piper

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Erdinger Land, Bayern, Germany