Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipes)  Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Bayern, Germany

Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipe) is a lovely tiny bagpipe. It has a single reed for the chanter (like Bock) and sounds comfortably mild.

Säckpipa has a special characteristic....
not like as many other bagpipes, Säckpipa's chanter and drone pipe have very simnilar structure to each other (cylindrically bored with the same diameter, with the comparable length). Furthermore, chanter reed and drone reed are almost identical. Due to this structure similarity, the sound of the chanter and drone well match to each other, and their harmony is very beautiful, like as a duett of twin singers.

Our model is equiped with the tuning switch system for the bottom note (low D of A/E set, lowC of G/D set) and you don't need wax or rubber band to tune the sensitive bottom note.

The tuning hole of the drone pipe of our model can be closed by turning the pipe's top part. With this system you can swith the pitch of the drone pipe.

C/C# of A/E set and B/Bb of G/D set can be switched with cross fingering, or otherwise double hole system.

A/E, G/D

Half-closed fingering (Swedish style).

Wood materials
- Checker Tree (standard)
- Apple (Standard)
- Maple Non-stained (Standard)
- Plum (Optional)
(For another wood type please contact us.)

- Bellows-blown type
- Mounts (hard wood)
- Metal rings (brass)
- Bag cover
- Synthetic bag
Sound Samples
A/E Set (apple wood, with C/C# double hole)

 Price List

A/E Set (apple wood with purple heart mounts and bag cover)

G/D Set bellows-blown model (apple wood)

A/E Set with C/C# double hole (apple wood)

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