Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda, Germany
Dudelsackbau T. Sonoda, Erdinger Land, Bayern (Großraum München - Landshut)
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Claymore Pipes & Drums
(Pipeband in Munich area - Germany)
(Piper Reinhold - Germany)
Sepp Pichler
(Well-known Austrian bagpiper)
(Photo Album of Austrian music & culture)
The Stouts@
(Irish & Scottish Music Band - Switzerland)
Gwilym Davies
(Folksinger, Speaker and Researcher - England)
Waytes and Measures
(Medieval Music Group - England)
The Pipers' Gathering
@(North America's most comprehensive alternative bagpipes event)
"The Celt"
(Online magazine of the Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts -USA)
(Medieval and oriental taste original music and perfomance in Munich - Germany)
Ensemble Lauda (Anicient music group in Havana - Cuba)
Tokyo Pipe Band
(The pioneer of pipe band in Japan)
Osaka Piping Club (Our piping friends in Japan)

(Street perfpormer of Gaita Galega and Diabolo - Japan)
Hiroshima Bagpipe Association
@(Our piping friends in Japan)


Verdant Place
(Homepage material providerj
Lola Evans
(Young novelist in Munich)
Aikido Yoshinkan Erding (Aikido zentrum in Erding, Germany)