Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda
Dudelsackbau T. Sonoda - Bagpipe Maker in greater Munich area, Germany

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Bagpipe maker T. Sonoda - Bagpipe maker in Munich area, Germany. Bagpipes of Central Europe (Bohemian Bock, Dudy, Praetorius Hümmelchen and Dudey, and etc.), Gaita Gallega, Scottish Small Pipes.


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NEW! Stable carbon chanter reed for Bohemian Small Pipes (Small Bock/Dudy).....Sound Sample: click here

German small pipes
from €360 (+ VAT in EU)
Traditional bagpipes of
Bohemia, Bavaria & Austria

from €760 (+ VAT in EU)
German bagpipes

from €675 (+ VAT in EU)
Gaita Galega
Traditional bagpipes of

from €800 (+ VAT in EU)
Gaita Galega
Practice Chanter
Chromatic practice chanter
for Gaiteiros

from €85 (+ VAT in EU)
Traditional bagpipes of

from €460 (+ VAT in EU)
Other bagpipes
Dudey.....Historical German Small Pipes (single reed chanter with 3 drone pipes) / from €620 (+ VAT in EU)
Double Chanter Hümmelchen.....Hümmelchen with 2 chanters / from €550 (+ VAT in EU)
Scottish Small Pipes.....Traditional small bagpipes of Scotland / from €845 (+ VAT in EU)
Praetorius bagpipes.....Various Praetorius bagpipes reconstructed strictly according to the shape, size and tonality indicated in Syntagma Musicum Band II. Please contact us for details.

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Bagpipe Maker T. Sonoda - Maker of various European bagpipes. Locating in Erding, Bavaria (Munich area).Products: Boehmischer Bock (Bohemian Bock) and other types of "Bockspfeife", Huemmelchen, Gaita Galega (Gaita Gallega), Scottish Small Pipes and etc. Dudelsackbau T. Sonoda (Dudelsackmacher in Erding - München Umgebung, Bayern) - Produkte: Böhmischer Bock, Egerländer Bock, Dudy, Hümmelchen, Gaita Galega, Scottish Small Pipes, usw.) Dudelsack Reparierung.